360 Virtual Tours

Using the most up to date software, your online visitors can tour your galleries or archives and discover some of the gems of your collections.

This can include all of or some of the following:

- Single panorama
- Multiple panoramas (Virtual Tour)
- Hotspots & Information pop ups within the tour
- Audio (Music, Narration) & Movies can be included
- Map of premises/space can be included within tour
- Google Maps integration
- Mobile & Tablet compatible
- Custom designed interface to match your own brand identity
- Virtual Tours can work online or offline from a CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive
- We can work alongside your web team so that your tour works efficiently within your website.

Talk to Max 020 8309 5445 or fill out our enquiry form.

360 degree virtual tours
The Chartered Insurance Institute, please click on the image to experience tour preview.