AtoM – Archive Management System...

'AtoM' (Access to Memory) is a modern day web-based archive management system, used around the world by hundreds of archives. It is an ‘open source’ product, freely available under a ‘General Public Licence’.

Max’s added value
Although AtoM is open source and freely available, the effort and expertise required to make it operational and fit for purpose is considerable. Therefore, to help customers achieve a seamless transition Max provides a complete AtoM solution that includes installation, data migration, hosting, training and ongoing support. We are also able to build plug-ins and applications for specific tasks not included within the core AtoM platform.

Key features: Web-based
Securely hosted by Max under our ISO accreditation, AtoM can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection, either as a ‘logged in’ user for updating the archive catalogue, or as a member of the general public for searching the archive. All you need to access the system is a standard internet browser. All archive records (if deemed available for general public access) are accessible from search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

User access and management
We can develop a hierarchy of user permissions that define what material a particular user type or group is able to see or edit. This includes a client administrator profile allowing control, creation and removal of users internally.

Open source
AtoM software is freely available, released under a ‘General Public License, giving you total freedom, unlike propriety commercial Archive Management Systems. Your data will never be ‘locked in’. We believe that an important part of ‘open’ is accessibility, and that everyone should have access to the tools they need to preserve and share cultural heritage materials (subject to controlled user permissions).

AtoM was originally built with support from the International Council on Archives and is totally standards-compliant e.g. ISAD(G).

Legacy data & migration
Max has developed utilities to aid the simple migration from existing Archive Management Systems e.g. CALM, other structured datasets e.g. excel and/or paper-based records.

Constantly improving
AtoM is an active, dynamic open-source product with a broad user base. The system is constantly being updated with additional features and improvements.

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