Artwork Digitisation

One of the highlights for Max in 2012 was the commission by the artist Ralph Heimans to digitally capture his Official Diamond Jubilee Portrait of the Queen. Ralph required a high resolution image of the painting, showing brush stroke detail. With the canvas portrait measuring over 3.5 by 2.5 metres this was quite a challenge!

By using a top of the range Hasselblad camera we captured multiple systematic images and stitched these together to form a master 1.5Gb fully colour-calibrated digital image. The original portrait is now hung in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia, but the digital image can be seen all over the world.

We have given the same level of care and detail to other artistic works including some beautiful original illustrations by Sir Quentin Blake, taken from his archive of over 20,000 drawings.

Other collections where we have carried out artwork digitisation include:

Original drawings by Edward Lear for the Folio Society

National Maritime Museum
Palace of Westminster
Royal Academy of Music
Manx Heritage Museum

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Artwork digitisation
Royal Jubilee Portrait of the Queen by Ralph Heimans