Audio Digitisation

The benefits of transferring analogue sound recordings to digital include both greater accessibility and the preservation of the original recording.

Max understands that a digital copy of the original is not necessarily synonymous with 'high quality’. A good digital copy is one which captures as much information from the original as possible, even if the original is badly degraded. Once a master/raw copy of the original has been made, techniques can be used to improve the sound quality e.g. to equalise, remove background noise etc.

We are able to capture the majority of audio recordings including Shellac/vinyl records, reel to reel tapes and audio cassettes.

Collections where we have digitised audio recordings include:

Energy Charter Secretariat
National Theatre
Wallace Collection
Scout Association
Scottish Fisheries Museum
Westminster Abbey
Reba (Royal Institute of British Architects)

Talk to Max 020 8309 5445 or fill out our enquiry form.

Baden Powell c. 1910 recording captured from a Shellac record
Audio clip courtesy of the Scout Association