All photographs deteriorate over time. The deterioration will accelerate if the photographs are not stored in the correct conditions. These conditions will vary depending on the original format e.g. print, glass-plate or film.

In partnership with an award-winning photographic materials conservator, Max has now carried out a number of photographic preservation assessments of photographic archives. The aim of the assessment is to determine the current condition of the photographic collection and to recommend a series of steps to ensure its long-term care.

In addition to the preservation reviews, we are able to repair and conserve original photographic material. Repairs of original material can range from simple tears to more complex treatments such as stain removal or even total restoration of photographs that have suffered significant damage from cellulose acetate film deterioration, more commonly know as ‘vinegar syndrome’.

Whatever your photographic conservation needs, you can be confident that we have the expertise to advise you.

Collections on which we have undertaken full preservation assessments include:

News International
Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineer Corp.

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Scan of a negative showing the signs of 'vinegar syndrome' channeling
Images courtesy of News International