How safe are your digital files?

Digital Preservation is a hot topic in the archive community and rightly so! You’ve invested a great deal of time, energy and money into digitising your archive and now it sits on external hard drives, on your PC, “with IT” or even just on DVD’s! But digitisation is not a “do it and forget” solution. Can you be certain that files won’t go missing, become overwritten, corrupt, be attacked by viruses or that they can still be opened by software in years’ to come?

Data disaster can occur to most ordinary computer systems. Some are turning to a ‘cloud based solution’ but the Achilles heel of this solution is the need to be embedded within the internet. This could lead to potential data corruption and data theft vulnerabilities, with your files sitting with thousands of others belonging to organisations outside the heritage sector that have completely different storage needs.

Max has been working with digital heritage archives for over a decade and we have a profound understanding of the requirements for digital preservation. We have now designed a new and innovative digital preservation service that will mitigate virtually all data disaster scenarios. Together with a full consultancy service, we are offering a fully resilient digital preservation solution. This service includes systematic data comparisons to ensure data integrity across multiple devices at differing geographical locations, totally off-line.

We know that price can be an issue, so we are keeping charges to a minimum with costs as low as 3p per month per gigabyte/ £30 per month per terabyte.

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