Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

At the forefront of digital change, Max Communications digital transformation service enables organisations to transform their business processes, drive innovation, respond more quickly, and achieve better results.

Our mission is to preserve the past for the future and for 20 years our company has digitised important pieces of history for some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, museums, media organisations and blue-chip companies introducing digital solutions such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Digital Voice Transcription and Open-Source Solutions into these environments, allowing our clients to maximise their digital capacity to achieve their organisational goals.

The UK is currently undergoing a drive to towards digital transformation particularly in the cultural heritage sector and Max is at the forefront of this drive. We have implemented technologies such as 3D simulation, automation and artificial intelligence to expedite this change and offer in depth digital strategies to inform our clients’ organisational policies, contributing to the transformation of the sector and helping the preservation of our culture by digital means.

We have developed digital facilities which allow our clients a secure digital capacity and through the implementation of digitisation and technology solutions we have instigated positive procedural change across a number of institutions, helping to break down the barriers which have traditionally been faced by the cultural and creative media sectors.

In summary, Max Communications digital transformation service seeks to gradually reshape an organisation’s practices and transform each business process introducing new approaches and supporting the organisation in achieving its goals.

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Max have been a trusted digitisation and solutions partner with King’s College London Archives for more than a decade. They have always undertaken work to a high standard, and on time, and are a friendly team who are ready to help at short notice.

--Dr Geoff Browell | Head of Archives and Research Collections | King’s College London