Data Extraction & Conversion

Data Extraction & Conversion

Digitisation of documents and their dissemination via the internet liberates the knowledge held in archives. Max have a set of bespoke tools for the extraction and collection of printed, handwritten and recorded words by both computer algorithm and human intellect.

Max have helped free the stories and learning held in the text of millions of scientific treatise, technical plans, letters and correspondence, ledger books, corporate documents, governmental records and handwritten journals.

Max integrate Optical Character Recognition (the process of turning imaged text into live searchable and editable words) into our digitisation production, with the option of incorporating a final manual edit to give unmatchable levels of accuracy.

We have built unique bespoke tools for automated extraction of tabular information from printed forms. Our browser based Themis solution allows for multi-user handwritten transcription and metadata harvesting - interpretation and collection of data held on the documents.

We have also incorporated automatic speech recognition (ASR) into our digitisation pathway to transcribe over 300 hours of interviews.


Max have been a trusted digitisation and solutions partner with King’s College London Archives for more than a decade. They have always undertaken work to a high standard, and on time, and are a friendly team who are ready to help at short notice.

--Dr Geoff Browell | Head of Archives and Research Collections | King’s College London