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Cyber Security

Max Communications' cyber security service is innately flexible meaning it can be tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes without any compromise in terms of its robustness or access to features. Cybersecurity is a leading priority for businesses and organizations looking to protect their intellectual property and assets from cyber threats and hackers. At Max Communications, we provide the highest quality cyber security products with a simple yet powerful approach which allows companies to address these issues affordably and securely.

The global threat presented by cyber criminals and others with malicious objectives is increasing every day. As a result companies need to be able to call upon a broad range of skills and knowledge to respond quickly and effectively. Max provides the essential tools to maintain a robust cyberspace environment whilst further strengthening cyber security for our clients. Our penetration testing services offer a complete suite of cyber security solutions which address many of the vulnerabilities which exist in today's marketplace. Additionally, Max’s firewall and web filtering products can be configured to allow for near-limit or unlimited access to a website or computer system. Our products are also designed to be easy to install and customize and come with extensive documentation.

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing concerns in our world today. The number of attacks is increasing, and more companies are realizing the need to take appropriate steps to defend their data and systems. Some of the most common vulnerabilities we are currently seeing include vulnerability to SQL injection and file system corruption and general application security threats. Our products offer maximum flexibility and functionality to our customers at a very affordable price. Max Communications is an accredited leader in cloud computing security solutions and prevention strategies, delivering a full range of security solutions for small to enterprise organisations.

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I have worked with Max Communications and the team for some years. In recent work with their Archivematica iteration in the College Archives and Corporate Records Unit, and other digital work required by varying cohorts in Imperial, Max Communications have been responsive, innovative and demonstrated great problem-solving abilities. The Max Communications team, from the top down, is approachable, friendly and keen to help.

An example is in their engagement for some major confidential scanning projects. The projects were discussed, scoped and agreed to a high standard of hand scanning. Benchmarking was agreed to our satisfaction when the project started, with a fast progress time for the work. They provided rapid access to files, including digitising out of sequence, e.g. one such turn around for hand scanning, editing and proofing a large file was within 3 hours. The digital delivery was by secure online transfer, and the hard disks and hard copy delivered securely by courier.

On a lighter note, digitisation of 1960s academic cine film was carried out promptly and to a high standard, such that it can be reshown at a major conference

--Anne Barrett | College Archivist & Corporate Records Manager | Imperial College London