Document Digitisation

As one of the UK’s leading digitisation companies, our document digitisation services are, unsurprisingly, absolutely fundamental to what we do. Until the hard copy documents have been digitised none of our subsequent services are possible. This is as true for a 15th century manuscript as it is for a modern-day printed document. It is for this reason that we are able to accommodate both.

With teams embedded in various archives around the country, including at The National Archives in Kew, we are privileged to work on hundreds of important collections each year, large and small, historic and recent, but each playing their part in opening up and then safeguarding the country’s cultural heritage. We are as comfortable capturing a single bound volume as we are scanning tens of millions of loose sheets. The common denominators are the care and preservation of the original material, and the quality of the output and service we provide.

We have an impressive array of high-spec equipment that allows this wide-ranging document digitisation service to be possible. For us, the word ‘document’ covers numerous types of paper-based material. These include bound volumes (e.g. manuscripts, diaries and ledgers), loose sheets (e.g. letters, certificates, and memos), index cards and catalogues, plans, maps and drawings, photographs and posters, and modern printed items such as reports, agreements, contracts, statements and personnel files.

All clients featured on our home page have at some point engaged us for document digitisation. There are many others not included in this list.

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document digitisation - Images digitised by Max Communications
Images from the Boswell collection c.1900 a
collection of over 14,000 images digitised by Max
Image courtesy of Bexley Heritage Trust