Family Archive

Do you have old family photographs, ciné films or audio recordings deteriorating in your attic or in an old cardboard box? Would you like to bring these treasured memories back to life, to share again with friends and family, and preserve them for your children/grandchildren and future generations? We can convert any type of film, audio recording or photograph to be accessed easily on your computer, television or securely over the internet.

Max has been providing professional digitisation services to leading UK archives for over fifteen years, (please refer to our client list on the left for more information). This has given us an unrivalled ability to handle and process your family archive, ensuring that your material is safe in our hands and that the best quality results are obtained.

Should you choose to use us to digitise your archive, you can be assured of the following:

- collection & delivery of your archive will be timely and secure;

- your archive will be stored safely and securely in our alarmed and monitored offices;

- the process of capturing your film/audio/photographs will be undertaken by professional technicians who have an exacting eye to detail and vast experience of handling delicate and old material;

- the latest equipment will be used to process your archive which has been designed to be sympathetic to aged and antiquated material;

- you will be able to contact a friendly member of staff directly at any time to discuss the work being undertaken and any concerns you may have.

In terms of the logistics of undertaking the work for you a typical process would be: - We discuss your requirements - please don't be concerned if you do not know exactly what you require, or even what you have in your archive. We can help with that. Once we have an understanding of your archive, we can provide you with a proposal to undertake the work. In some cases it may be necessary to visit and review the archive prior to providing a proposal and occasionally we may ask to arrange collection of the archive material in advance.

- When we have your consent to proceed, the original material will be sympathetically captured using our high-end equipment, ensuring the best possible results.

- Once captured it may be that you would like us to edit the material. If so, we can display all your archive on a secure, dedicated password-protected website. Accessing this website will allow you to indicate which images or scenes you would like taken out, or whether any sequence changes should be made. At this point it would be possible to grant access to friends and family to view the material online too;

- After any changes have been made we can copy all the material either to an external hard drive, or onto a DVD, (allowing the material to be viewed on a standard television), or continue with the permanent online access;

- Furthermore, just as we do for a number of our institutional clients, we can provide long-term storage solutions for your archive at our storage premises.

Talk to Max 020 8309 5445 or fill out our enquiry form.

Image by the kind permission of Anne Burton from her family archives
"It was taken 23rd August 1952, at Whittier Glacier, which is seven miles north of Portage on the Cooke Inlet, Alaska. From my brother's diary: 'Dad drove up the unmade track as far as the first bridge, but stopped there as the logs were caving in. Walked the remaining 2 or 3 miles. At the foot of the glacier, found a large pond full of icebergs. Wandered around the gravel moraine and saw many moose tracks and a beaver dam.'"