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Paper Conservation

Please note that paper conservation is different to restoration. Restoration aims to restore an item to as close to its original state as possible whilst the purpose of conservation is to preserve and stabilise as much of the original material as possible.

We off a comprehensive paper conservation service:

  • Our paper conservation services focusses on the preservation and stabilisation of original material
  • We specialise in working with artworks, archives and other precious materials
  • Throughout the process, we maintain the core professional ethics of minimal intervention and reversibility/re-treatability

For more details of our paper conservation service, please use the "Full Article" button below.

Additionally, Max provide a full range of conservation and storage services. For details please visit our conservation and storage page. We also offer comprehensive digitisation, digital preservation, archive management and digitisation project management solutions.

Paper Conservation at Max Communications

At Max we offer:

  • Initial assessments of material and creation of bespoke condition reports and treatment plans.
  • Advice on storage and planning for further long term preservation .
  • Surface Cleaning.
  • Tape removal.
  • Flattening of creased, distorted, folded or rolled items .
  • Lining of fragile and fragmented items .
  • Acidic backing removal.
  • Hinging and mounting .
  • Rehousing into new archival quality storage solutions.
  • Creation of bespoke folders and boxes for storage.

If you'd like to get in touch to find out more about our services please use the buttons below or call us on 020 8309 5445


I have worked with Max Communications and the team for some years. In recent work with their Archivematica iteration in the College Archives and Corporate Records Unit, and other digital work required by varying cohorts in Imperial, Max Communications have been responsive, innovative and demonstrated great problem-solving abilities. The Max Communications team, from the top down, is approachable, friendly and keen to help.

An example is in their engagement for some major confidential scanning projects. The projects were discussed, scoped and agreed to a high standard of hand scanning. Benchmarking was agreed to our satisfaction when the project started, with a fast progress time for the work. They provided rapid access to files, including digitising out of sequence, e.g. one such turn around for hand scanning, editing and proofing a large file was within 3 hours. The digital delivery was by secure online transfer, and the hard disks and hard copy delivered securely by courier.

On a lighter note, digitisation of 1960s academic cine film was carried out promptly and to a high standard, such that it can be reshown at a major conference

--Anne Barrett | College Archivist & Corporate Records Manager | Imperial College London