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IT Consultancy

Max Communications' Strategic IT Solutions is designed for companies from small to large number of information technology systems and networks. We specialize in IT Compliance, Cloud Architecture, On-premise strategies, disaster recovery management, security management, and software development. As an IT strategy consultant, we will handle your IT projects for your company and creates custom solutions for each individual project, so that they are compliant with their specific company needs. Our strategies help our clients increase company profits and revenue by finding new ways to improve IT infrastructure, security measures, and software applications.

Max Communications' IT Strategy and Consulting help businesses in every aspect of their business process. These consulting services help companies manage their data properly and recover from any disaster scenarios. Max provides consulting solutions and software development to businesses, both big and small. Max strives to provide quality IT consulting services that is bespoke to each organisation it works with.

Max Communications' offers consulting services for Security and Compliance that help companies enhance their security controls, prevent downtime, and increase their overall productivity. Utilizing our strategies, it will enhance business processes and help implement policies that assist achieving their business goals. Max Communications’ will assist your organisation in the implementation of security compliances such as ISO27001 for Information Security Management and Cyber Essentials Plus. Our IT consultants have strong knowledge in Security Compliance Implementation that eliminates various security threats and recommend the right solutions to any problems that may arise. Max Communications’ help businesses to plan, develop, implement, upgrade, or enhance their business policies and plans and implementing IT controls & security measures that meet their specific needs and acquire global standards of accreditation.

Max Communications' IT Strategy and Consulting also provide consultants and IT professionals with professional services that help organizations with business continuity management and offers disaster recovery planning, software engineering solutions, and implementation of recovery plans. The services are available to companies in every industry and geographic location. The Max team works closely with its clients to develop customized strategies for each individual company's unique business process. Max consultants work closely with their clients to design policies, procedures, and technical solutions that will help them recover data and deliver business processes more effectively.

Our IT Strategies and Consulting Services are as follows.

  • IT Security & Compliance (ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus)
  • Cloud & On-Premises IT Architecture
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Software Development

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Max have been a trusted digitisation and solutions partner with King’s College London Archives for more than a decade. They have always undertaken work to a high standard, and on time, and are a friendly team who are ready to help at short notice.

--Dr Geoff Browell | Head of Archives and Research Collections | King’s College London