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Cloud Solutions for archival institutions

Cloud Solutions

Max Communications' family of cloud solution products provides clients with an affordable, flexible, and robust offering for server and network virtualization. This product group provides complete solutions to existing on-premise data centres, which require increased flexibility and reliability to stay up-to-date with evolving business requirements. At the same time, it allows the organisation's IT department to maximize its hardware resources while reducing its costs.

Cloud computing allows access to computing power and computer system resources, particularly data storage. Cloud services comprise of a range of applications and tools in the form of different 'services' distributed throughout the data centre across different servers. The result is that organisations taking advantage of this technology are able to utilise any of the offered services such as SOTERIA, DRYAD, THEMISE, Max Cloud and Max Family Archives from anywhere with an internet connection thereby harnessing the power of the cloud and increasing flexibility. These applications are backed up multiple times daily.

Our customers are able to access these services through 'Max Cloud' - our own cloud application manager. Max Cloud allows users to create and modify 'access control lists' (ACMs) allowing them to enforce permissions for authorized users ensuring that only authorised users have access to resources. This can be enforced via the server UI or using any web browser. Additionally, ACMs mean that customers are able to manage all their cloud services through a single interface, simplifying and streamlining the process exponentially.

We are aware that flexibility is crucial to our clients and we have placed flexibility at the core of our service, from the option to initially deploy cloud services in a local environment to the broad range of server technologies and operating systems we offer for cloud deployment.

We are similarly aware of the importance of maintaining the highest standards of security and our cloud security has been integrated in line with the best practices of ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus. This also allows us to provide our customers with an extensive range of cloud security management and monitoring options, enabling the further increases in business competitiveness that come with improved cloud infrastructure and better overall security.

Many businesses today need a private cloud service that meets their unique needs. Max’s Cloud Solutions can provide them with the kind of comprehensive management and monitoring that they need to effectively leverage the advantages of private clouds. Max Cloud Solutions gives businesses smart options that they can fully utilize to secure their scalability. By doing so, they will improve the productivity of their employees and give them more control over their data.

Our Cloud Solution & Services:

  • Cloud Server Hosting
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Business Email Server Hosting
  • Cloud Server Migration
  • Cloud Long Term File Storage

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I have worked with Max Communications and the team for some years. In recent work with their Archivematica iteration in the College Archives and Corporate Records Unit, and other digital work required by varying cohorts in Imperial, Max Communications have been responsive, innovative and demonstrated great problem-solving abilities. The Max Communications team, from the top down, is approachable, friendly and keen to help.

An example is in their engagement for some major confidential scanning projects. The projects were discussed, scoped and agreed to a high standard of hand scanning. Benchmarking was agreed to our satisfaction when the project started, with a fast progress time for the work. They provided rapid access to files, including digitising out of sequence, e.g. one such turn around for hand scanning, editing and proofing a large file was within 3 hours. The digital delivery was by secure online transfer, and the hard disks and hard copy delivered securely by courier.

On a lighter note, digitisation of 1960s academic cine film was carried out promptly and to a high standard, such that it can be reshown at a major conference

--Anne Barrett | College Archivist & Corporate Records Manager | Imperial College London
Cloud Solutions for archival institutions