On-Premise IT Solutions...

On-Premise IT Solutions

Max Communications' on-premise IT solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes and from different sectors achieve rapid technological growth whilst reducing recurring operational costs. At the heart of Max Communications' approach are solutions which combine the latest wireless network technologies with business-changing storage and memory technologies for quick, optimal, on-demand scalability. Max Communications' on-premise IT solutions are designed and modelled for organisations ranging in size from small businesses to large data centres and offer the implementation of servers and storage arrays, including storage area networks (SAN) and enterprise scale on-premise management solutions.

Why Use Max's On-Premise IT Solutions?

One of the key factors which underlies Max Communications' approach is an ability to marry scalability with efficiency, allowing our customers to adjust the availability and functionality of their servers to meet changing business demands and make the most of available resources without having to worry about future upgrades. The result of this approach is maximum return on investment and a more efficient, faster, and higher capacity on-premise solution.

The on-premise IT solutions we provide offer a higher level of performance and functionality than equivalent cloud-based solutions without the same long-term maintenance or upgrade support that cloud based services require. We provide intelligent services that automatically adjust to fluctuating requirements by scheduling and managing server placement according to demand. This allows Max Communications' on-premise solutions to scale up and down based on real-time traffic patterns.

Our Server & Networks Models service offers a scalable online file sharing and storage capability, allowing distributed businesses access to files and data wherever and whenever required. A shared infrastructure allows such businesses to easily establish physical connections to the file sharing and storage systems of others, while avoiding high security risk.

Max Communications’ on-premise IT solutions are scalable, reliable, and secure. Scalability is provided through the option of allowing customers to adjust the availability and functionality of servers to meet changing business demands, thus allowing them the choice of purchasing on-premise solutions which require more in-house IT resource, or cheaper SaaS alternative. Reliability and security are provided through the implementation of a robust security plan and continuous monitoring services, maintaining the highest levels of security whilst still allowing access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our on-premise IT solutions are flexible to the extent that hybrid cloud/on-premise implementations can be rolled out. It should be noted however that the the two sets of solutions differ on a number of levels and do not share exactly the same feature set. Thus, when a company adopts a hybrid setup, it should make sure that both hybrid models address its unique business requirements.

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Max Communications and the RSA Archive have a successful, long standing working relationship. We have undertaken several digitisation projects together to scan our numerous large sized artworks, prints and diagrams. More recently we successfully migrated to Max’s archive management and digital preservation services, DRYAD and SOTERIA. I cannot fault either the consistent quality of the digitisation or the quality of professional service provided and would recommend, Max Communications, without reservation.

--Eve Watson | Head of Archive | The Royal Society of Arts