Max Begin New High Volume Digitisation & Seismic Scans Project For Oil Industry Clients

Max are excited to have embarked on a new high volume digitisation project for two high profile multi-national clients in the oil industry.

The project is being undertaken in our Edinburgh office and highlights Max’s ability to competitively tender for and carry out high volume digitisation of loose-leaf A3 and A4 documents, large format plans, extremely large niche items such as well logs and seismic scans.

The expertise and experience acquired digitising the 1921 Census have been fundamental to this operation and the bulk of the work is being carried out by the core team which completed the 1921 Census work.

To date we have been able to return the following to the client:

  • A3/A4 documents (loose leaf)  – 100,000+
  • Plans (large format 2m x 1.5m) – over 500  
  • Well logs and Seismic Scans – 1000

Since this job began we have expanded and increased our resources and we’re confident in stating that if the work began today we could achieve the volumes detailed above in two weeks.

High Volume Loose Leaf Digitisation

Whilst we’re well known for our work in the heritage sector we feel that working with high volumes of A3 and A4 loose leaf documents has presented us with a different challenge and that we’ve met that challenge. We feel confident that we can tender competitively for projects of this nature and deliver high quality results in a timely manner.

“The two and a half years spent working on the 1921 Census project showed that heritage standard capture can now be achieved in unprecedentedly large volumes. We have now been able to utilise the equipment and skills gained through this enormous project to achieve extremely high quality results in a fraction of the time that would traditionally have been expected for a digitisation project.”

Suren Abrahamyan
Head of Digitisation

Well Logs and Seismic Scans

As well as high volume digitisation work detailed above, the project has required digitising oil well logs and seismic scans. The average size of the well logs is 60cm by 17 metres with the the longest just under fifty metres in length. Additionally the project requirement was for high resolution (600dpi).

Clearly, with such large items, file size was going to be a concern and this is where Max’s expertise in the field really came to the fore. Using advanced compression techniques we were able to return the data as .pdfs which came in at approximately a 200th of the size of an equivalent tiff and less than a 10th of the size of a standard pdf. We were able to offer this format with minimal loss of quality.

“The Edinburgh team is highly experienced in both the bulk scanning of A3 and A4 loose-leaf documents, and in capturing large format material such as maps, plans and logs. This combined expertise means that material both in the greatest quantities and of the largest dimensions can be digitised efficiently and to a high standard.”

Daisy Owens
General Manager – Edinburgh Studio

Large Format Plans

The project also consisted of digitising a considerable volume of plans, the majority of which measure 2 metres by 1.5 metres. The quality of the scanners we use allows best possible output straight from scan. This allows us to provide consistent, high resolution quality and to dispense with time consuming post processing often associated with camera capture.

We believe that the work we’re undertaking demonstrates Max’s capacity to digitise a broad range of eclectic of materials and to deliver the desired outcomes for each in terms of speed of delivery and quality of the delivered product.

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Well Log Digitisation and Seismic Scans for the Oil industry