Video Demonstrations of Calm to AtoM Migration and Creation of AIPs and DIPs in AtoM

We are delighted to offer two new video tutorials exploring using Max’s Crosswalker tool to migrate from Calm to AtoM and the process of creating Archival Information Packages (AIPs) and Dissemination Information Packages (DIPs) in Archivematica and AtoM.

The first is a demonstration of the process of migrating a Calm database to AtoM using Max’s Crosswalker tool. Senior Developer Tim Schofield explores the process in depth whilst highlighting its seamless and intuitive nature.

In the second video Tim looks at the creation of AIPs and DIPs in AtoM as well as what they’re for and their essential differences.

Video Demo: The creation of AIPs and DIPs in AtoM

Video Demo: Calm to AtoM Migration

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